Thursday, July 5, 2012

The "Date Night" Jar

So here’s what I did to make the “Date Night” jar.

Materials: Small recycled plastic container (Crystal Light container), popsicle sticks, permanent marker, sticker sheet, address label.

     1. Write all of your date ideas on popsicle sticks. I colored one side’s edge pink so that we could turn it over and know which ones have been picked. That way we are not doing the same thing over and over. I also used an asterisk to mark the “weekenders.” They'll take a bit more planning.

     2. Use decorative sticker paper to cover the plastic container. I used leftover sticker paper from my clipboard DIY.

     3. Decorate an address label with the title “Date Night.”


Here’s a list of our date ideas:
One-Day Activities
Wii Olympics
Outdoor Activity (anything from walking downtown to sledding to kayaking, etc.)
Coupon Date (everything you do has to have a coupon)
Art Gallery
Pool, Foosball, or Ping-Pong
Mini Golf
Flea Market or Garage Sale
Play Guitar Hero
Local Soccer Game (This would mean Columbus Crew for us)
Dinner (in or out)
Photo Tour (go out and take random pics of places in your hometown)
Scavenger Hunt or Geo Caching (geo caching is using a GPS device to locate different places in a search)
Free Factory Tour
Take a Walk or Hike
Make Something (I saw a great idea to go to a hobby store, pick something out and make it together. If we don't want to keep it, we can always give it to the kids in class for a prize. You can also go to a pottery or glass blowing place or cook...Just make something together. =)
Board Game
Farmer’s Market
Comedy Club
Make-Your-Own Pizza (you can add going to the story and each of you gets to pick a certain number of toppings)
Movie (In or Out)
Hang Out in a Public Place
Picnic in the Park
Sporting Event
Metro Park Program
Museum or Attraction
Historical Landmark
Paddle Boat or Canoe
Bike Ride
Progressive Meal (drinks at one place, apps at another, main course at another…)
Walk the Dog
Buy Flowers and Give Them to Random People (give a flower to those who look  like they need a “pick-me-up." I love this idea.)
Frisbee or Frisbee Golf
See a Local Band or Concert
Go Out for Coffee
Go to a Park
Mud-Whomping (go out in the rain and stomp in the puddles)
Explore a Cave

Go to the Lake
Visit a National Park
Bed and Breakfast
River Cruise
Visit Another City in Our State
Visit Another State

If you have any ideas to add to the "jar" let us know. Thanks. =)


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